Former Bulilit Child Star Cha-Cha Cañete Now a Grown-up Lady, Releases Hugot Song Called “Agwat”

I guess her ‘makulit’ days are indeed behind her because Cha-Cha (Cañete) is always laser focused on the set, and there’s an air of seriousness too. She always has that depth while performing,” said Dexter Dakanay when asked how Cañete is as a talent in “Agwat” the newest music video he directed for Star Music.
This super cute former “Bulilit” child actress punching jokes has gracefully transitioned into this pretty and smart teener, currently in Senior High in UST (ABM Strand) and doing music performing on the side.
Hit-maker & composer Jungee Marcelo said that the song “Agwat” when you get to listen to it is not actually just about romantic relationships. It can also be about relationships with friends and co-workers and everyone’s hot topic nowadays, politics.
I love singing because it bridges generations, it takes away language barriers, it speaks out to people in situations and more importantly, it brings happiness and good memories to listeners.” the young singer shared.
Dakanay said that Cha-Cha sang Marcelo’s music with heart, dynamics and all. “Like a good storyteller, Cha-Cha interpreted the song with pain and longing. I eventually backtracked and watched her Youtube videos, surely an ear candy experience,” added the music director.
When I was a child performer, I was truly happy to bring smiles to people who saw or watched me. There was love and support. As I am now in my teens, people still remember that child and I am still receiving the positive vibes despite having been away for some years. I am part of their good memories, I guess,” Cha-Cha happily shared.
The music video of this mid-tempo ballad single “Agwat” was just formally launched in a recent virtual media conference and can be viewed on ABS-CBN Star Music’s Youtube account.
It is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and its lyric video, on Youtube. It was shot at “Artist On A Mission” Kristine Lim’s home and farm.

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