Insight Music Launches Singer-Composer Jelry and His Song “Rosas”, Releases ‘Mood Playlist’ Albums

Innovative Filipino record label Insight Music rocks the music circuit with new standout releases that sonically paint life and love with every color of the emotional spectrum – from the kilig, to the erotic, to the inspired.

Highlighting the collection is singer-songwriter Jelry’s debut single titled “Rosas,” a catchy pop acoustic ballad with bouncy, sweet sounds.

Young listeners enthralled by their first loves will surely relate to “Rosas,” which draws upon Jelry’s personal encounter with the subject. The joy and innocence of young romance is encapsulated in the song’s lyrics and melody, sending the power of “kilig” surging through every note.

“‘Rosas’ conjures up a scene from my JS prom back in high school,” says Jerly of the song. “I remember feeling nervous when I asked my prom date to dance. She wore this bright pink gown and while we were dancing, the lights also started to turn red and pink. I simply savored that moment.”

Jelry’s music debut has been a long time coming. The young man (whose real name is John Lloyd Reyes) first learned to play the guitar with just two chords that his father taught him. This sparked an interest that inspired Jelry to hone his craft through online platforms, soaking up everything he could about music theory, production, and songwriting. Finally, Jelry took a brave step and began writing his own music, which led to his first-ever record deal with Insight Music.

“I can’t wait to share ‘Rosas’ with everyone,” Jelry now enthuses. “They will certainly enjoy listening and dancing to it. And if you are looking for a song that will make you feel good, this is it!”

With his debut single “Rosas,” Jelry finally realizes a dream that brings him a step closer to the realm of the musical legends that have influenced him through the years. Talents like IVOS, Rex Orange County, Ed Sheeran, and Rivermaya have all helped shape Jelry’s love for music. He hopes that as his career evolves, he can muster the same passion and emotion his icons evoke in every song.

“Trying to emulate these gifted artists felt like learning a new language,” Jelry muses. For him, however, the reward is worth all his efforts. “I now get to express my feelings and emotions through music, which is a tough feat in real life.”

But Insight Music’s string of new releases ventures beyond the subject of love. To probe the nuances and shades of what makes life colorful and complex, Insight is spinning off its ‘mood playlist’ – a genre of music that sets one’s emotions or mindset in a particular state or condition.

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