9 Items to Help You Attract Luck in Love, Good Health, and Success this Year of the Water Tiger

The Lunar New Year gives us another shot at a fresh start. With the hope and excitement that the Year of the Water Tiger brings, it could be the year of
transformation we all need. For those born in the Year of the Tiger, it’s a year for making big
changes, risk-taking, and new adventures. Whatever your zodiac sign is and whether you can
expect good fortune in love, health, or wealth, equip yourself with these items on Shopee to
boost your abundance and prosperity:
Luck in Love: Year of the Snake, Sheep, and Rabbit
For those born in the Year of the Snake, Sheep, and Rabbit, prepare to make strides in your
love life! This year has opportunities for you to meet the right one or make your current
relationship flourish.
If you’re single, it’s time to put yourself out there and meet new people. Turn heads with your
youthful glow by trying Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream + White Radiance Essence
Dropper. This power duo formulation has Carob fruit extract and amino-peptide complex to give
you plump and radiant skin. For those already in love, make your significant other fall for you
even more with a Mikana 18k Rose Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet. The piece is a perfect gift for
any occasion, even for spontaneous surprises for when your partner least expects it. Flaunt
your couple status with matching INSPI Oversized Shirts, which come in a variety of sizes and
colors. These closet staples aren’t just versatile, but also extremely comfy.
Good Health: Year of the Dragon, Dog, Rat, and Ox
Those whose sign falls on the Year of the Dragon, Dog, Rat, and Ox can thrive this new year
while making strides in their overall health and wellness. Achieving a sound mind and body
starts with the commitment to your daily fitness goals and ample rest and relaxation. 
Start each day with Vicks Immune Defense Multivitamins, packed with Vitamin C to boost the
immune system, Vitamin D3 to fight against infections, and Zinc to protect against cell damage.
Focus on keeping your body in tip-top shape with the Kemilng M7 PLUS Electric Treadmill
Foldable Machine. This is a must-have for your home workouts, which you should squeeze into
your day no matter how busy it gets. When you need to unwind and de-stress, soothe your
muscles using the HAN RIVER Massage Gun. Spend a few minutes with this to relieve tension,
improve blood circulation, and boost your overall mood.
Success in Business and Career: Year of the Horse, Monkey, Rooster, Pig, and Tiger
Despite the optimistic fortune for those in the Year of the Horse, Monkey, Rooster, Pig, and
Tiger, it won’t hurt to be extra careful in making big financial decisions and career moves. Hard
workers can look forward to fruitful career milestones, along with growth and investment
opportunities if things fall into place this Year of the Water Tiger.
Maximize your productivity and efficiency with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, an on-the-go
device which lets you stay on top of your work, side hustles, and money matters. Track all your
to-do lists and jot down all your business ideas and important notes on the simple and
straightforward The Everyday Classic Planner. Have the best of both worlds by enjoying the
functionality of a gadget and the memory retention of classic notetaking. Lastly, stay
comfortable through the long working hours by getting a home office essential like the Headrest
Tiltable Mesh Home Office Chair.
No matter what zodiac sign, you can have a seamless, rewarding online experience this Year of
the Water Tiger
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9 Items to Help You Attract Luck in Love, Good Health, and Success this Year of the Water Tiger
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