Learn How Shopee’s Top-Performing Sellers Grow their Businesses Through Shopee’s Mega Sales

In the Philippines, double day dates such as 9.9 and
11.11 have become highly anticipated due to shopping festivals offered by platforms such as
Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. In fact, last year over
2 billion items were purchased by shoppers during 11.11 alone across the region. This uptick in
purchases made during mega-sales allowed more than 1,000 local sellers across the region to
exceed US$100,000 in sales during Shopee’s year-end festivals in 2021.
Alongside hard work and determination, the success of Shopee sellers relies heavily on how
efficiently they operate. This is especially true during mega-sales where the opportunity for
growth is high. For this reason, Shopee recognizes sellers who go above and beyond in time for
Shopee’s mega-sale days through its Seller Recognition Operations Awards.
Martin Yu, Shopee Philippines Director, said, “Shopee has always been committed to helping
businesses create long-term, sustainable e-commerce strategies in today’s digital economy. Through the Seller Recognition Operations Awards, we are able to highlight top-performing
sellers in this regard, as well as their strategies and insights which their fellow sellers can learn
from and apply to their businesse
Jenna Indigado, owner of Small Wonders Page and
a recent awardee, is among those who diligently
prepares for and maximizes mega-sale days to grow
her business on Shopee. She decided to become a full-
fledged Shopee seller in 2020 when her agricultural
business was affected by the African Swine Flu (ASF)
breakout that year.
After our hog-raising business was affected by ASF, I
made the decision to sell on Shopee full-time. I already
had a part-time reselling business on the platform in
2018 so I knew the potential for growth was huge especially if I committed my time and
resources to it
She went on to hire a local seamstress to grow her reselling business into one that
manufactures clothing for babies. Today, she employs more than 300 Filipinos.
There were only two of us when we started the Small Wonders Page at Shopee. Now, we
employ around 250 local seamstresses and 70 employees who have gone on to fulfill their
dreams and even purchase their own cars and houses. Without Shopee, we wouldn’t be able to
provide jobs for these Filipinos
,” she said.
She says her experience as a Shopee seller, the platform’s features, as well as guidance from
her dedicated relationship manager are key factors for her business success especially during
mega-sale days.
Having a dedicated relationship manager helps us create strategies to maintain product
visibility, eliminate backlog, and fast-track order processing and fulfillment during mega-sales.
During campaigns we also make sure to utilize features such as Chat Broadcast, ShopeeLive, and ShopeeAds in order to connect with our customers and inform them about our new
products, discounts, and deals.
Charles Barrientos of Mikana store, a recent
awardee as well, also shares that alongside the hard
work that comes with preparing for mega-sale days,
these highly anticipated dates are integral to their
business. His decision to launch Mikana, a store that
specializes in jewelry, on Shopee was because he
learned about how Shopee provides features and
guidance to cater to its sellers’ growth. Besides
these tools, he says constant adjustments and
preparation are what help drive his business
Preparing for peak days and seasons comes with its challenges because of the sudden
increase in demand. There are times wherein we have to extend our operations and double our
efforts especially since mega-sale days are a big part of our sales
He also highlights how Shopee’s user-centric platform helps them maintain a good relationship
with their customers. “Shopee has an efficient customer service feature which allows us to
address the concerns of our customers directly and improve how we serve them.
Like Jenna and Charles, you can conveniently join Shopee as a seller and grow your business
today. Learn more and Get Started on Shopee.
Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Learn How Shopee’s Top-Performing Sellers Grow their Businesses Through Shopee’s Mega Sales
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